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Salt Lake City, Utah

Designing is hard.
Really hard.
Spend more time creating.

We get into the architecture/design business for passion. We don't get into the business to rework designs over and over because of poor info.

Know the context.
Know what the landscape is doing.
Know where the trees are.

They aren't two dimensional lines and circles on a plan. That's not good enough.

3D Scanning Portfolio

About Us

Hideout is a laser-focused 3D scanning and design duo based in Salt Lake City, UT.

We've measured up sites the old-fashioned way with a tape/digital tape measure and notepad. It's very time consuming process and can be fraught with error.

Get us to scan for you and get a point cloud for a comparable amount of field time. Even tighter on time? We can help. We have years of modeling experience in ArchiCAD and Revit.

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Chris Brown Point Cloud Wizard

Chris graduated with a masters degree in Architecture from the University of Utah. He has worked in the architecutre/design world in Salt Lake City since 2008. Previous work includes various scales of work from $30 Mil to $30K- dorm/assisted living/office/residential Tired of the issues with incomplete/inaccurate 3D data taking it's toll on time and budget, he decided to do something about it.

Life is more.

—Chris Brown

Aaron Cepek Multidimensional Artist

Multidisciplinary with a BA in Visual Arts focusing on videogame art & 3D modeling —some would say Aaron is the missing link in digitizing the real world.

For even the very wise
cannot see all ends.

—Gandalf the Grey

Our Philosophy


Our Scanner Has Some Range

330 meters to be exact. We've tried to be accurate with a tape measure to 1/4" over 1000' before. We failed. Don't fail, we'll scan for you.

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Work with information that gives you the ability to be there: To create views through tree canopies. To step the floor plates with the landscape. To understand at a glance the surrounding neighborhood and scale of the context. A building should be informed by it's place. Certainly visit the site and understand it as much as possible, but don't leave it to one site visit.

Don't leave it to re-hashing one set of photos for hours, not showing you exactly what you need to know. Get the scanning done and point cloud data you need.

We have done scanning work on...


Residential 3-D Scan As-Built

Residential 3-D Scan As-Built

Interior remodel & study of possible expansion options.

Client used highly-accurate data to make informed decision.

Unique/Complex Object Scanning

Want to put an ADA accessable bomber inside a buidling? You're going to need good data and we've got you covered.

This data helped us adjust the steel stairs before going into production saving time and money.

case study image case study image case study image
case study image case study image case study image